2 Easy Etisalat Balance Transfer Methods
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The Emirates Telecommunications Corporation was founded in 1976. This modern, high-tech company serves its users through excellent telecommunications services. The fixed line, mobile, and Internet are some significant services the company provides across the United Arab Emirates. However, the Etisalat balance transfer facility is the most favorable, enabling users to transfer credit to others using the same network. It does not matter if you have a postpaid or prepaid mobile phone. You can benefit from this facility.

Having Etisalat mobile plan is necessary for both the transferor and the transferee. You will have two methods for transferring your balance in Etisalat. The first is the mobile app, and the second is the mobile keypad numbers. This article aims to discuss the ways to transfer credit and the charges associated with it. Keep reading the article!

How to transfer the balance to other Etisalat accounts?

Transfer Credit through Etisalat Mobile App

Etisalat introduced the My Etisalat UAE mobile app, letting customers check their data usage, make utility bills, and shop. However, the most stunning aspect of the app is its credit transfer facility. You can use the Etisalat transfer balance app to send credit if the other person is on the same network. You need to go to Google Play Store or Apple App Store to download the app and benefit from this facility..

Transfer Credit through Mobile keypad numbers

Using mobile keypad numbers is another option to transfer the balance. You can use this method instead of downloading the app, and you don’t need to be registered for credit transfer. It doesn’t matter if you have Etisalat's prepaid or postpaid connection. It is possible to transfer credit from one Etisalat to another. So, how to transfer the balance to Etisalat? You need to dial *100*05XXXXXXXX*5# to send AED 10, for example, to another Etisalat number.

Once you transfer the balance to your friend with an Etisalat connection, you will be asked for your transfer confirmation. And you have to acknowledge the message you receive from Etisalat. You will also be asked to press number 1 to corroborate your transaction and number 2 to revoke it.

The credit transferring process remains the same for both prepaid and postpaid consumers.

  • Postpaid accounts customers – You can transfer up to AED 150 daily, whereas the minimum amount of credit transfer is AED 2. A monthly threshold limit also exists on transfers. AED 500 is the monthly maximum credit amount of credit you can transfer.
  • Prepaid account customers – You can transfer up to AED 150 daily, whereas the minimum transfer amount is AED 2. The monthly maximum amount you can transfer is AED 1500.

Etisalat International Balance Transfer

Etisalat also enables its customers to transfer the balance to other countries like their home countries. A customer with a prepaid account can transfer the balance using their unused prepaid credit to recharge any prepaid account in their home country.

You can use the transfer app or text the international number for international transactions. If you need to transfer the balance, you will type 9198XXXXXXXX to 1700 and don’t need to pay. After sending the prepaid number to 1700, you will get the message in denominations of the destination country. You will also check the associated charges before substantiation. The receiver will get the credit immediately, and you will not have to pay extra charges. Also, you will receive a text for the transaction.

A customer can transfer credit at the international level with having a sufficient balance on the Wasel account (a prepaid account on Etisalat). The balance transfer is also possible if the customer has a valid postpaid account.

The usefulness of international credit transfers

Look at the following reasons for the usefulness of international credit transfers.

  • An international credit transfer sends a gift of air time to assure expatriates to stay with their family members.
  • When traveling in the country, tourists and business travelers can keep in contact with their family members, for example, while keeping foreign prepaid accounts active.
  • It will be credited to their account with the message. So, the receivers don’t physically go to any outlet to top up any air time.
  • International credit transfers make quick cross-border transfers convenient.

The Bottom Line

Etisalat offers its customers the best possible solutions to satisfy all their needs. Whether you need to transfer credit at the local or international levels or you want to request credit from another Etisalat user, you can do this. We hope this article will help you with how to transfer the balance in Etisalat. The credit transfer system in the UAE makes the entire transfer process simple. The company gives you the ease of transferring credit from any Etisalat account to another same account.

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