A Complete ICA Guide to Check Your Emirates ID Application Status
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The Emirates ID is a mandatory proof document, and every citizen must have this document for various reasons. An ID document contains valuable information, including all basic personal details with photos. It includes the complete biometric data stored on an electronic chip that only the relevant authorities can trace.

The Emirates ID is essential that helps you in your daily life in Emirates. You can use it for transactions, sponsoring dependents under your visa, going through electronic immigration gates at UAE airports, insurance purposes, and more. Beyond these, this document could take the place of debit and driving cards soon.

This article will serve as a guide and let you know how to check your Emirates ID application status. Before explaining it, look at the key features of the Emirates ID:

Key features of the Emirates ID
  • The finger biometric smart card.
  • Protect your identity in the Emirates.
  • Store data from different applications.
  • Having electronic chips that can store around 32 thousand letters of information.
  • Prevent identity theft and fraud.
  • Valid for 5 to 10 years.
  • Contain 15 non-repeating digits.
  • Online status checking facility.
  • Used for authentication and digital signature of a person.

The procedure for verifying Emirates ID status

If you have applied for an ID document in the UAE and to check your current Emirates ID status, you have two authentic two ICA channels to check your ID status quickly:

  1. Official website of ICA ica.gov.ae
  2. UAE mobile application of ICA

Look at the following that will help you check the status of your Emirates ID:

  • Registration Application Number - You can find it on the application form.
  • Identification number – It is a 15-digit number shown on the card, and it is for the case of theft and renewal.

ICA guide to check your Emirates ID status

You can quickly check Emirates ID status through ICA (Identity and Citizenship Authority). The ICA makes it simple for citizens to check applications for their ID card renewal and replacement status.

The authority also keeps citizens and ID card applicants well-informed by sending text messages to their mobile phone numbers mentioned on the application form..

  • Visit the ICA website and go down to the option of “check application status”.
  • Enter the registration application number or identification number without the hyphen.
  • Afterward, click on the “verify” option. You will have a pop-up box appeared on the screen with your Emirates ID status. You will find your ID application number, the application type, and the Emirates identification number, with further steps to go behind.

Points to consider when checking Emirates ID status
  • You don’t have to pay any charges for tracking your Emirates ID status.
  • For Emirates ID Cards, applicants usually have to wait for 7-10 business days from the date when the application was submitted.
  • In addition to the ID status, the applicant can also check the application’s registration history, including the application's filing, verification and printing dates, and more.

Application history log

Users can use the on-screen 'Application History Log' to view their ID application's complete timeline. The information will include the dates of the following:

  • Application submission.
  • Application printing.
  • Information verification.
  • Card printing.
  • Sending post office for mailing.

Emirates ID card obtaining process

If you are 18, belong to another country, and want to enter the UAE, applying for an Emirates ID document is necessary. The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship has uploaded an application form on its website, mentioned earlier. You must fill it out by attaching all the required documents mentioned in the following:

  • A valid passport
  • Family book
  • Certificate for citizenship or residence permit
  • Original birth certificate
  • Photo with white background
  • The visa issued by the sponsor and the applicant’s passport.

Once you have applied to obtain your Emirates ID document, you must pay charges and scan fingerprints from designated places.

When submitting your ID application, you must ensure that your ID validity is the same as your visa's.

As mentioned earlier, you will have to wait 10 business days to receive your ID card. You will get SMS messages during the process to get the Emirates ID status updates. When your ID document is ready, you can collect it by visiting any Emirates Post Office specified in the message..

Final Words

The UAE government has realized the digital technology and laid out comprehensive rules with complete instructions guiding you throughout the ID application process. And the best aspect is that you can check your Emirates ID status through the ICA platform from submission to the date your ID card is ready to deliver. We hope this article will help you, and we will also appreciate it if you share this article with your social circle.