A Guide To The Dubai Mall Best Restaurants
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Dubai Mall is located in the heart of Dubai, Downtown Dubai. It is one of the best shopping malls in the world. It ranks at 2 of being the largest shopping mall in the world. It is a luxury and expensive mall in the United Arab Emirates. You can find every top brand in the world in Dubai Mal. There are a lot of things to do in Dubai Mall. Entertainment, shopping, food, etc.

 Apart from it when you come to Dubai mall for Entertainment purposes so it is obvious you will have food there too. There are restaurants of every kind in Dubai mall starting from desi to Thai, Chinese, Italian, and American and Fast food. A lot of international food chains are located there. You can enjoy eating in Dubai Mall's best restaurants. Most people enjoy Fast food there but real food lovers like meaty steaks and juicy burgers.

What are the top Restaurants in Dubai Mall?

If you are a visitor to Dubai mall for the first time in your life, then you have a lot to visit first other than shopping there are spots where you can enjoy a lot with your families and have fun. We have captured some of the top Restaurants to eat at in Dubai. There are a lot of restaurants like above two hundred.

So you have a lot of options to eat in Dubai. Moreover, there are famous restaurant chains from all over the world so you can also enjoy the variety of food from different countries. There is an extensive choice of food you can enjoy plenty of food items and can have a good atmosphere to eat and enjoy.

Texas Roadhouse

Texas Redhouse gives awesome taste and delicious food

Texas Red house is the leading American Restaurant in Dubai. The real beef is the flavors that make the beef tastier and the meat is fresh and so delicious because they make it so juicy and mouthwatering. If you want to experience real American meat and juice steaks and burgers this is the right place to go you should go there. It is considered one of the Dubai Mall Best Restaurants


Dubai Mall-Lower, Dubai - United Arab Emirates



Soya Restaurant

 It is one of the top Chinese restaurants to eat in Dubai Mall. You can enjoy a lot of Chinese dishes. There are also a lot of options for Thai food there too. Most Chinese food lover comes to the place to enjoy their desired food. You can enjoy soups with different types of flavors and you can have their yummy drinks too. They have a lot of shakes and juices on their menu. Chinese food lovers are welcomed here


2nd lower floor, Dubai Mall


+971 44257722

The Grill Shack

The Best Grilled meat found in this restaurant

The Grill Shack is one of the best restaurants in Dubai Mall when It comes to grilled meat. They are famous for their Beef steaks and burgers. They served it with different sauces that add a lot of taste to the food moreover the way they serve salad with their food is on another level. Their way of serving is really good and eye-catching. The service is also very good and the atmosphere is adorable.


2nd level floor, Dubai mall central



Al Baik

Al Baik is a very well-known food chain across the Arabic Counties. It is founded in 1969. Since that day they are serving their food chains across the country They are a very famous fast food restaurant in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Their expertise includes fried chicken broast, zinger burgers, and fish fry. The white garlic mayo sauce adds a lot of taste to their food. They have a really neat and clean environment and as well as they serve the food very professionally. The food is completely hygienic and a lot of options of food are available.


Second Floor, Food Court


971 4320 1301


True flavors of Africa found in this place

Tribes in Dubai Mall is a restaurant that offers authentic African food with true flavors of Africa and there are also a lot of food options on the menu. Their famous grilled beef is at the top of the list. They have outdoor sitting and you can enjoy beautiful views. They have the traditional African food. It is considered one of the Dubai mall's best restaurant


2nd level floor, Dubai Mall


+971 4 226 4974


The Gia located in Dubai Mall offers a wide range of authentic Italian food with plenty of options available. They get their stock from Italy That’s how they maintain their standards of Italian food. They have a variety of pizzas, kinds of pasta, etc. If you are a Cheese lover it is the place you should go The atmosphere is cool and fresh and you can enjoy it with your family.


Ground floor, Dubai Mall




We have seen there are a lot of options for food in Dubai Mall where a wide range of different food chains from all over the world offers their traditional food to Food lovers. You can have food you like and you can have international food chains like McDonald’s etc. too. But if you want to enjoy the real thing then the Beef Steaks and juicy burgers are there for you. Dubai Mall best restaurants are listed above you can enjoy the food of your choice