Abu Dhabi Traffic fines - Detailed Information
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UAE is a really busy country as there is a population that belongs to every country. The transportation level of Dubai is high. There are a lot of highways that connect various cities of the UAE. The people mostly commute daily as the living expense in some cities are expensive so they don’t afford to live in the city where they hold jobs. There are drivers of every kind. There are also some rash drivers that Over speed and risk the lives of other people traveling on the highway. Moreover, some drunk people drive on the highways.

To overcome this Abu Dhabi police have implemented a plan of fines that is to control the traffic. The fines help people to drive within the limits and according to the rules and regulations. Speed cameras and police are patrolling after some kilometers to ensure the safety of the travelers

How to avoid fines? 

The Abu Dhabi Traffic fines are really expensive and there is a lot of strictness in it so it's better to follow the rules and regulations set by the government and cooperate with the Abu Dhabi Police if you follow all of the guidelines no chance of getting caught by the police or suffer heavy fines

To avoid the fines, you need to do the following things:

  • Drive within the speed limit
  • Don’t drive without a license
  • Stay in your lane don’t overtake too much
  • Don’t horn
  • Don’t use full high beam light for no reason
  • Don’t do wrong parking
  • Drive only with a seatbelt
  • Don’t use your mobile phone while driving
  • Don’t break the red light
  • Maintain your vehicle, there is also a fine for the bad state of the vehicle
  • Always follow the lanes
  • Keep your speed slow in towns
  • Never intercept the pedestrians walking on the streets
  • Never get too close to the other vehicle
  • Don’t drive while drunk
  • Don’t drive if you are not trained
  • Do follow the guidelines on every road they make sure the safety

How to pay Abu Dhabi Traffic Fines?

You can easily pay Abu Dhabi fines through a lot of trusted platforms. You can pay the fines remotely through your mobile. The Government has made it easy you don’t have to go physically to submit the fines. Some of the trusted platforms are:

Emirates vehicle Gate

You can pay your Traffic fines easily through the mobile app named Emirates Vehicle Gate it is very easy to do you can see your fines etc by vehicle plate number etc. you can see the details of fines given on your car and can see the amount. You just need to register to use the app. 


You can also pay the Abu Dhabi Fines through the government's official platform it is also available and can be accessed throughout the UAE you can see all of the information about your fines and see the previous fines or current fines that are on to you. It is easy to access all of the records of your vehicle.


Tamm is another platform to do clearance of your Abu Dhabi Traffic Fines.  You just go to the traffic fines tab and can easily pay through the app. You just need to have the vehicle reg number to be specified while doing payment and then you can see the payment status

Abu Dhabi Police Website

This is the official website of Abu Dhabi Website. You can also pay the Abu Dhabi Fines through the website. The Website is very easy and convenient to use and the people of Abu Dhabi can benefit from it.


The drivers need to be fully aware of the rules and make sure to follow them If you break the law you will really suffer very high fines and you can be really in trouble. Some of the violations can also get you to jail. Never fight with anyone on the road if your vehicle met with an accident. Be polite with other travelers

If you are fined by the Abu Dhabi police you can easily pay through the Platforms we discovered earlier. make sure to always pay fines and clear these kinds of fines. If you don’t pay, there will be a police case upon you and they can be caught you anywhere