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Are you feeling a little nervous about venturing out after dark? Well, fret no more! The charming emirate of Ajman has stolen the spotlight, claiming the coveted title of the UAE’s safest city for nighttime adventures.

Ajman Ranks First in Resident Security

This prestigious ranking isn’t mere hearsay. A recent report by the United Nations Centre for Competitiveness and Statistics revealed a remarkable statistic: 98.5% of Ajman residents feel secure when venturing alone at night. Moreover, in the NUMBEO report, Ajman stands out in the 10th position globally for the safety of the residents. This resounding vote of confidence is a testament to the city’s unwavering commitment to safety.

According to Major General Sheikh Sultan bin Abdullah Al Nuaimi, Ajman Police Commander-in-chief, this success is due to initiatives like “Aman” patrols, a smart surveillance system, and strong community policing efforts.  The police have implemented crime prevention programs and victim support services, earning international recognition for their efforts. Furthermore, Ajman also boasts very high overall security, with nearly 99.6% of residents feeling safe according to Ajman Police.

Why Ajman is the Safest Place in the UAE!

As Ajman ranks first, so, what exactly makes Ajman such a haven for nighttime explorers? Here’s a peek behind the curtain:

Strong Law Enforcement Presence

Ajman boasts a vigilant police force dedicated to maintaining peace and order. Their proactive approach ensures a safe environment for residents and visitors alike.

Community Policing

Ajman fosters a strong sense of community, with residents and law enforcement working together to uphold safety standards. This collaborative spirit contributes significantly to the city’s peaceful atmosphere.

Well-Lit Streets

Even after dark, Ajman’s streets are well-illuminated, with extensive CCTV coverage and efficient emergency response services creating a sense of security and deterring potential crime.

Beyond Safety: Discovering Ajman’s Charm

Although safety is top-notch, Ajman has more than just security to offer. This is only the tip of what you will experience in this mesmerizing city.

Cultural Gems: Step back in time and explore the past with Ajman’s historical heritage sites as well as museums to better understand this Emirati city.

Ajman Corniche: A lively spot to browse and get active, this long pedestrian walkway is known for its sweeping views of the water. Now, try to imagine that as the view you see when waking up every day! Ajman One Phase 2 is ideal for people who want a private and comfortable harbor in the Ajman Corniche, with many beautifully designed apartments available to those seeking safety and an exquisite life.

Culinary Delights: From local to international, Ajman has a wide range of food and beverage serving options that will take you through an unexceptional gastronomic journey

Night-Time Adventures in Ajman Awaits

For solo travelers seeking a haven and groups looking for a hassle-free night- Ajman welcomes you all with open arms. Ajman is a place one should consider for going out at night, it has the perfect blend of safety and hidden gems to become your go-to destination in the UAE.


The Most Awesome Night Out In UAE – And It Also The Safest: Because of its high-level safety features, Ajman ranks first safest destination night out. Through its dedication to safety, new infrastructure, and the people-centric businesses that are drawn here, Ajman proves they know how to make sure everyone can discover everything it has to offer safely in the knowledge you’re not at risk. Whether you are an expat or a tourist, Ajman will guarantee to make your night outings all the livelier and trust-worthy

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