Apartments in Dubai for rent - Cheap & Best 2022
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Dubai is a city of opportunities, People from around the globe attracts to the City because of the scope of business in Dubai. There is always a need for residence in Dubai. People who don’t have UAE nationality prefer to opt for a rental property as they don’t want to invest in buying the apartments.

The apartments are really expensive in Dubai if bought because Dubai is a tourist attraction and a very busy city. Most people are concerned about the value of money apartments in Dubai.

What are the affordable places to rent apartments in Dubai?

We will discuss some affordable places to rent in Dubai where u can find competitive prices all of the perks etc.

Jumeirah village circle

It is a well-known society for its Competitive price and location. There are plenty of options for Shopping, food spots, and Clean and large parks. This means the place Is fully equipped with everything u can wish for

The best thing about the community is that It offers low rentals so if you are a newbie in Dubai and looking to rent an apartment in Dubai it’s the place u can easily go for.

The Rent of a studio apartment in the community is 29k AED.

Al Nahda

Al Nahda is situated along the border of Dubai and Sharjah. It is really to commute because of various services of Public vehicles. The environment is very peaceful and nice. It is known for its price and the atmosphere

You can easily find an apartment in Al Nahda for a very affordable price which is 26k dirhams. it is among the areas that offer affordable apartments for rent in Dubai

Dubai Silicon Oasis

For technologists in Dubai, is a very beautiful, affordable, and nicely built place. The people working in it sector of Dubai are living here. Single employees or families are living in this area.

It is near the technology park in Dubai. It is easy to commute for the employees to or from this place. The price is very affordable considering the perks the area provides. Various apartments for rent in Dubai are available.  You can get an apartment on rent for 24k Dirhams

Dubai Sports City

Dubai Sports City has become a liked place to live in Dubai. There are a lot of sports facilities like training centers etc situated along the residence. For a sports lover, it is the very best place as it is really easy to commute between this training center and the residence.

Another advantage of this place is the affordable price. You can go for an apartment starting for 23k Dirhams which is real value for money considering the location and the perks

International City

When we talk about the cheap apartments in Dubai for rent so it is impossible if we don’t talk about international Cities.  It is the best pick for people that are tight on the budget and wants an apartment in Dubai.

The architecture of the area is very beautiful. all of the facilities like Educational, medical institutes, and supermarkets. The well-known Market of Dubai, Dragon Mart also available in this area. You can find an apartment for a cheap price which is 17k dirhams.

Discovery Gardens

Discovery Gardens is another cheap residence in Dubai with all of the facilities one can seek like medical assistance, education, grocery, parks, etc. It also has a train stop so people can easily move from one place to another

If we talk about the price bracket of the place It is affordable You can rent an apartment for like 23k dirhams. It is a nice place to find an apartment for rent in Dubai. Society is very calm and clean. 


We have talked about a lot of places offering cheap apartments for rent in Dubai. Everyone wants to live in Dubai if they are employed in the city because it is not easy to commute from other cities to Dubai it is stressful and it is not economical considering the current fuel prices in UAE. These are the areas in which a lot of people with low salaries are living this is what the best part of it is the place is targeting Those people

And if we talk about is there anything you are missing in these areas, the answer is no because there is every facility available in the areas like educational facilities, medical facilities, grocery facilities, supermarkets, and train stations. So you can consider any of the areas based on your job location.