Gardening in Dubai FAQs & Tips and Tricks to Beginners to Grow Plant in UAE
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this duration of weather is supportive to some plants including fruits and vegetables.

In this article, we will discuss the confusion relating to gardening, and furthermore, we will shortly explain gardening in Dubai tips for beginners to grow plants in your backyard if you live in a villa.

FAQs about Gardening in Dubai

Is it possible to plantation for the gardeners in Dubai?

Yes, growing a plant or making your backyard lush green is possible in the 8 months of the year, from October to May. Weather is not too hot and humidity is less during this period over the year.

Is it easy for gardeners to grow plants or veggies in UAE?

For the Gardeners in Dubai, this is simply possible to grow plants in UAE, even you can make your own kitchen garden on your small sunny balcony and enjoy organic and fresh food for your dinners. We have discussed about the tips to grow plants in this article below, have look!

Name of crops you can grow in Dubai?

Bok Choy, Amaranth, Green chilies, spinach, Purslane, kohlrabi, round gourd, and many other vegetable and fruit crops can grow in Dubai

What type of soil is found in Dubai?

These soils are sandy, granular, and calcareous (have high carbonate content), while the soils of the inland are generally sodic (high amount of sodium) or saline (high content of soluble salt).

Name of fruits that can grow in UAE?

Citrus fruits like orange, grapefruit, lemon, and mandarin. Moreover, pomegranate, papaya, bananas, grape vines, pineapples, olives, mangoes, mulberry, guavas, and passion fruit can grow in UAE.

How much does a gardener cost in Dubai?

Hourly 45 AED or the average of 2,548 AED per month

What are the farming problems in the UAE?

Severe weather conditions, less rain, lack of natural resources, and limited water reserves 

Beginners guide to growing plants in UAE

Tools Required to Grow Farm as a Beginner

Grow veggies in your backyard will be a fun activity, but you make sure about the tools needed for the gardening starting from scratch,

  1. Watering cans to water your plants daily
  2. Gloves for protection of your hands against soil and pesticides.
  3. Planter for putting seeds into the soil.
  4. Spade or trowel to excavate the soil
  5. Jackboots to protect feet and other pairs of use
  6. Scissors for cutting all wildflowers.
  7. Recyclable pots are required for the plantation of seeds

So, for beginners, these are the basic tools, but if you feel you learned gardening and become a skilled person, then you can start your career as a gardener in Dubai, or continue it as a hobby. You may buy professional tools if you become an expert in this area.

Five Steps to Know While Gardening Dubai

Know about the weather forecast

As heat and humidity are the biggest hurdles to growing plants in Dubai, however, the duration from October to May is a bit better to grow plants. So, you have to choose the right weather according to your seeds to grow them healthy and quickly.

Decide the best spot for the plantation

your garden needed direct sunlight for a maximum of six-hour during a day. So, you should wisely choose a spot that has access to sunlight even when the sun changes its position.

Preparation of Soil

Soil preparation means that your soil has the right nutrients for growing crops. As a beginner, it is an infallible tip for gardening in Dubai, is to buy mixed soil, because the soil which you already have in your backyard is lack nutrients. This way, you don't need to buy more ingredients to make the soil filled with nutrients. 

Choose seeds to Grow

Now it's a little fun step here, pick your seeds according to your interests. If you take it as a hobby, you can try different seeds to make experiments to become confident about gardening in Dubai. However, you can choose seeds of different vegetables like lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, and spinach to make a kitchen garden to make a healthy addition to your food.

Start Farming

Now, after all, has been done, it's time to unearth the seeds in the soil. Make a small separate square for each seed and make sure to put a spread between all the squares to give the plants enough room to grow.

Thus, we have discussed gardening in Dubai tips for beginners, but you should keep in mind that it takes a lot of patience and time to give fruitful results. But those, who live in an apartment in Dubai, can also grow kitchen gardens on their balconies. We hope that this guide would be helpful to you to make your backyard lush green and make your leisure time full of fun.