List of 6 Islamic Banks of Dubai
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Dubai is a hub of banking, transactions, and investments in the area of the Middle East. Dubai is the place of providing the best banking services in the sector of finance all around the world. But when it comes to Sharia or religion, Islamic banks of Dubai are also providing the best services according to the Laws of Sharia.

Here, we enlist some nearby Dubai Islamic Banks that provide Islamic banking services.

Islamic Banks in Dubai

Dubai Islamic bank

Established in 1975, renowned as one of the first and largest Islamic banks with over 90 branches all over the UAE. Moreover, it becomes 3rd largest bank all over the world. It operates financial activities according to the LAW of Sharia. It offers services like personal banking, institutional banking, business banking, investment banking, and much more.

Badr Al Islami

In the sector of Islamic banking in Dubai, Badr Al Islami offers a major role. Its parent company is Mashreq Al Islami. They have almost 600 branches in the three continents of the world. As the majority of Muslims live in UAE, therefore, Badr Al Islami respects the needs of its customers. It also provides services according to the Laws of the Islamic religion. They offer services like cooperate and investment banking, personal and private banking, commercial banking, and business banking.

Emirates Islamic Bank

Emirates Islamic Bank is one of the best Dubai Islamic banks nearby to you and gives Sharia-compliant solutions. It is founded in 2004 with a mission to provide standard Islamic services regarding finance and transactions to its customers. It operates financial activities on Islamic fiscal tools like Ijarah, Murahabah, and Takaful. Customers can get transparent transactions from this bank without any doubt.

Noor Islamic Bank

it is one of the newer Islamic banks in the market of Dubai but makes its presence stronger in a very short time. It performs all financial activities according to the Sharia rules and provides pure Islamic banking. Their product and services are operated based on Shariah Law, moreover, these rules and regulations are revised and approved by the Shariah board every so often.  

Mashreq Al Islami

It is one of the Islamic banks based in Oman but has the main branch in Dubai. It regulates its Sharia-compliant financial services and the one which introduces the concept of debit and credit cards and also facilitates its customers to get loans from the bank. It provides services like personal banking, business banking, corporate banking, etc. Furthermore, the Mashreq Salam Reward scheme facilitates its customers for more earnings and savings.

Emirates NBD

Another Islamic bank of Dubai is Emirates NBD, established in October 2007. They operate on Shariah rules, and in the area of retail and corporate banking, it has sole rank. Moreover, they offer Shariah-based wholesale banking services like construction, manufacturing, education, etc. besides, it has an important role in investment banking, treasury, Islamic banking, and in International market.

Final Words

We enlist the Islamic banks in Dubai, they have branches in other states of the UAE as well but have Dubai-based headquarters. You can choose an Islamic bank according to your needs, hope this guide will help you a lot.