List of Companies in Dubai Internet City – A Hub of Global Companies
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The new future dreamed up by Dubai's policymakers, was driven by technology and revolution when the world was grappling with the year 2000 bug. Internet City in Dubai is the region’s technology business communal which was launched in 2000. It has become the center point of technology inventions and business activities in the past year. Currently, over 1600 companies in Dubai Internet City (DIC) booming in the development of the ecosystem, which leads to driving a huge wave of ICT novelty. 

Companies in Dubai Internet City

Dubai Internet City is a hub of various worldwide establishments as well as small and medium-sized enterprises. As Internet City is a center of business and technology, so, different kinds of fields are operated under the observation of companies working in DIC. Dell, Vodafone, canon, and seimens are the popular companies working in DIC. 

Now, have a look at the most popular companies in various fields or industries operating in DIC.  

  • Telecommunication and Network Companies in DIC
  • IT Services Companies in DIC
  • Multimedia, Social Media, and Marketing Companies in DIC
  • Software Companies in DIC
  • E-Commerce Companies in DIC
  • Project Management Companies in DIC
  • Legal Consultants in DIC
  • Banks in DIC
  • Eateries in DIC

Telecommunication and Network Companies in DIC

These companies, install, develop, function, and modify networks for their clients or sub-companies. Furthermore, clients can also get their services regarding network-based applications. Though, manufacturing or trading of products is not done by these telecommunication and network companies in Dubai Internet City. 

Various companies working in Dubai Internet City offer services regarding networking and telecommunication, some of the renowned are,

  • AT&T Communications Services Gulf States Inc
  • Huawei Tech (UAE) FZ-LLC
  • General Electric International Operations Company, Inc.
  • Amazon Data Services MENA FZ-LLC
  • Nokia Solutions and Networks MEA FZ-LLC
  • MasterCard Middle East Africa FZ-LLC
  • Telenor Global Services AS
  • Samsung SDS Europe ME & Africa
  • Vodafone Enterprise Europe (UK) Limited
  • Telenor Global Services AS

IT Services Companies in DIC

As, IT services are not the central part of any business, but without the support of IT Operations nothing can be worked out. Hence, the services of IT are subcontracted. IT services companies in Dubai Internet City usually offer services like assistance, localization, and collaborative learning. 

Some of the renowned IT services companies are listed here, 

  • Deloitte Technology Consulting Middle East FZ-LLC
  • Aces Solutions FZ-LLC
  • Hewlett-Packard MENA FZ-LLC
  • Hitachi Data Systems Limited
  • IBM Middle East FZ-LLC

Multimedia, Social Media, and Marketing Companies in DIC

Social Media Companies in Dubai Internet City

These companies functioned for the creation or distribution of multimedia content. A few years ago, some companies expanded like individuals are consuming a lot of content through online platforms. For individuals, a web-based podium could be provided or the creation of applications managed by networking. 

Here is a list of a few companies regarding internet media operated in Dubai Internet City.

  • Facebook
  • Google FZ-LLC
  • LinkedIn
  • Sony Middle East and Africa
  • Facebook FZ-LLC
  • Twitter Arabia FZ-LLC

Software Companies in DIC

IT Companies in Dubai Internet CIty

Software companies work on the development, modifications, updates, and installations of software products. These products could be developed for a 3rd party or their purpose.

Choose a company for the development of software if you need one, from the list of software companies in DIC. 

  • Fiorano Software Limited
  • Sage Software Middle East FZ-LLC
  • 1001 App Software Solutions FZ-LLC
  • Kafi Banking Software FZ-LLC
  • Tibco Software FZ-LLC

E-Commerce Companies in DIC

In recent years, E-Commerce or online business becomes a fury, hence the inhabitants of Dubai are the early adopters of online business. Therefore, over the most recent twenty years, the E-commerce business has flourished fastly. Despite trading (buying or selling) the companies can also gather and utilize data to target an exact or better audience. 

  • Grays Mid East
  • CircleCom FZ-LLC
  • Nasco Automotive Online Services FZ-LLC
  • Delivery Hero FZ-LLC
  • Quick Manage FZ-LLC
  • Securesouq FZ-LLC
  • Friendy Marketplace FZ-LLC
  • Evolve Media Ventures FZ-LLC

Project Management Companies in DIC

In Dubai Internet City, most of the jobs are related to Project Manager roles. However, In the modern era, skilled project managers are demanded or pursued. Some of the companies specialize in project management, however, some other companies have project managers to manage their complete setups. Specialized companies mostly offer their management skills to a third party for their projects. Some of the Project Management Companies in DIC are under,

  • Eight Management FZ-LLC
  • Reaction Project Management FZ-LLC
  • Arcadis Gulf FZ-LLC
  • Drees & Sommer Gulf FZ-LLC
  • THH Business Consultancy FZ-LLC
  • CH2M Hill International, Ltd.

Legal Consultants in DIC

Some companies may need to hire lawyers to manage their lawful disputes. So, Dubai Internet City has some Legal Consultancies companies to offer these services to other companies. Here is a list of companies of Legal Consultants in Internet City in Dubai, 

  • Al Wasl International Group – Advocates & Legal Consultants
  • Al Tamimi & Company FZ-LLC
  • Emirates Advocates

Banks in DIC

Banks are significant all over the region of DIC among 1600 companies, the sub-branches of these three banks are there,

  • Emirates NBD Bank (Public Joint Stock Company)
  • Mashreq Bank PSC
  • Dubai Islamic Bank (P.J.S.C)

Eateries in DIC

restaurants in Dubai Internet City

DIC has several cafes and restaurants to take care of the professionals working in DIC. There is a huge number of restaurants and cafes in Building three, Block seven. Some popular restaurants are under,

  • Fruit Shop on Greams Road
  • Subway Restaurant
  • Kamat 
  • Nandos

 If you don’t have enough time to spend break time in cafes, you can contact Food Delivery Companies Dubai to cater to your choices of food.  

Companies in Dubai Internet City are a better option than free area companies. Especially if you're running an IT business, this place owes it to you. Finding suppliers would not be an additional problem, and the target audience is aware of the market.

Most businesses deliver services like digital content, IT services, and more to other multinationals. Dubai's future has to do with the free zone and its future development. As such, you may also be part of DIC opening your business here.