List Of Five Companies To Rent Camping Equipment In Dubai
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Camping is a very famous activity among Arabs, but whether you live in UAE or are just a visitor, camping also appeals to you. There are plenty of camping sites in the UAE, which give you relaxation from the hectic schedule of life and make your weekend blessings. Spend a night under the stars, and make some adventurous moments that will make your vacation incredible. You just feel free from the hustle and bustle of life, make your mind fresh, and keeps you healthier and more active. 

Because in the camping areas, to spend the night under the sky, you need some camping equipment to make your adventure cozy and relaxing. However, there are some companies in Dubai, which rent equipment for camping purposes. Renting equipment frees you from the stress of purchasing camping equipment, packing it, making room for it, and preparing it for camping. Renting equipment provides you full leisure from all these troubles, you just select a location (beaches, mountains or deserts, etc.) for camping and hire them to do all the setup on the campsite. 

Here is a list of popular companies to rent camping equipment in Dubai.  


Nomadic offers rental equipment for camping, they offer services for deserts, mountains, and Wadis. They provide fascinating adventures for couples, families, and groups of friends in the campgrounds. If you want to take benefits of Nomadic, you simply select the location of the camping site in UAE, call them, and they confirm the booking and give you a call for the meeting. The campsite will be set up before your arrival.

They offer rental equipment like tents with bedding, firewood, pillows, floors picnic areas, picnic baskets will full cutlery, stove, butane gas, BBQ stuff, cooking utensils, lanterns, etc.

They book online, for online booking, go to the Nomadic website, select available dates and locations for the campsite, and confirm booking message will be sent to you. Booking site:

The Camping Box

the camping box offers rental camping stuff

The Camping Box is Dubai based company that works for campsites set up in remote locations. They remove the camping barrier which is the purchase, storage, and maintenance of camping equipment, but some people are challenging their plans because of these hectic arrangements. Therefore, The Camping Box has a package for you that suits all your requirements, you do not further put off your camping plans with friends or families. Contact: +971 56 413 6634

Email: [email protected]

Booking site:


Kook is a family-owned business, owned by brothers who are passionate about camping. That's why they value their passion as a camping customer, who can't afford to buy camping gear for just a few days. They provide you with a facility to rent camping equipment in Dubai at very budget-friendly prices. You can order equipment as per your need, there is no strict minimum order rule.

You can check online the availability of campsite then book Kook,

Location: Al Barsha South 1, Street 88, Villa 13, Dubai

Email: [email protected]

Contact: +971 56 1050859

Timings: Monday – Sunday (10:00 AM – 08:00 PM)


Camping sites in UAE are very mesmerizing for staycations with your friends or family. Rentin company provides you right outdoor tenting services. You decide where to camp, call Rentin, and enjoy your night under the sky with Rentin's camping rental services. They set up tents before you arrive on-site, feel free to organize the camping. 

Location: Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

Email: [email protected]

Contact: +971 58 976 1818

Thus, renting camping equipment makes you drag out to postpone your camping plans due to less budget or buying equipment with a thought as to where to store and maintain it. So, if rentals are available then why do you buy camping gear? Just call any company listed above, book an appointment and make your day!