List of Top fire alarm and fire protection companies in Dubai
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Dubai is one of the world's most developed cities, with world-class infrastructure and a plethora of architectural marvels. Because of the large number of residential and commercial buildings, the city needs dependable fire prevention systems to ensure the safety of all employees and inhabitants. The following is a list of the finest fire and safety firms in Dubai that provide services such as fire extinguishers and alarm installation in hotels, houses, and workplaces.

List of fire protection companies in Dubai

Here's a list of fire and safety businesses in Dubai to call if you want to make your house more secure.


is a company that specializes in fire safety and security.
MAF Fire Safety & Security LLC is a major fire protection company in Dubai, providing a wide range of services including safety designs, engineering equipment installation, fire extinguisher supply, and other fire safety measures. The DCD-approved firm serves both business and residential customers.
Location: Al Qusais Industrial Area 5, 24 B Street, Al Qusais
Contact Number: +971-4-239-7910


AL ARABIA SAFETY & SECURITY LLC is a company that specializes in safety and security.

Al Arabia Safety & Security LLC is the best fire protection company in Dubai a subsidiary of Juma Al Majid Holding Company LLC, which is one of the emirate's top-rated fire prevention companies. From creative product designs and efficient fire detection systems to dependable installation and more, the firm offers a wide range of fire prevention services.
Customers may go through their selection of high-quality fire hoses, portable fire pumps, sprinklers, foam and gas systems, and other fire safety items to choose one that best meets their requirements.
Location: Salahuddin Street, Hor Al Anz District.
Contact Number: +971-4-285-1145.

Blue Flame Fire Fighting LLC is a company that specializes in fighting fires.

Blue Flame Fire Fighting LLC, based in Dubai, offers a full range of firefighting services. They take care of everything from installing emergency exit lights and fire alarms to providing fire extinguishers that are effective. They are also in charge of fire protection system maintenance.
Location: Al Qusais Industrial Area 2 is located in Al Qusais, Saudi Arabia.
Contact Number: Call +971-52-807-8039 for further information.

Haven Fire & Safety LLC is a company that specializes in fire and safety services.

Haven Fire & Safety is a dependable fire company in Dubai that serves a wide range of clients. It provides fire detection and suppression equipment to a variety of industries, including aviation and oil and gas. fire protection companies in Dubai.
The company's kitchen hood fire suppression systems and low and high expansion foam systems are among the high-tech and unique products offered by the company.
Location: Al Quoz Industrial Area 3 is located in Al Quoz, Saudi Arabia.
Contact Number: +971-4-347-1999 is the phone number to call.

Safety Line LLC is a company that specializes in safety.

Safety Line DXB is a well-known fire prevention firm in Dubai that is ISO 9001:2008 certified. Since its inception in 2006, the firm has worked on a variety of projects to provide services such as firefighting, fire repellent coatings, installation, and more.
Quality fire alarms, fire pumps, sprinkler systems, fire hose reels, and dry/wet riser systems are available from the firm. Portable fire extinguishers and fire suppression systems are also available for purchase and installation.
Safety line LLC is widely regarded as one of Dubai's top fire and safety maintenance firms. 

Location: Ras Al Khor: Warehouse #2, Ras Al Khor Industrial Area #2
Contact Number: +971-4-333-1058

Extinguishers are used to put out fires.
Safety Line is a Dubai-based fire alarm company that provides fire extinguishers and other fire-fighting equipment.


BTFS Fire Protection is an international corporation that has been serving the community for more than two decades. They provide the following mechanical fire defense systems:
  1. system of aerosols.
  2. FM-200 is a cleaning agent.
  3. Commercial Kitchen Hood Suppression System with Wet Chemicals
  4. The Flooding System
  5. Firefighting Pumping System
  6. Systems Made of Foam
  7. HDPE (High-Definition Polyethylene) Network
  8. CO2 System (HP or LP)
  9. System of Hydrants
  10. Suppression System for Inert Gases
  11. System NOVEC-1230
  12. System of Pre-Action
  13. system of sprinklers
  14. The standpipe
  15. Water Misting System
  16. Engineers and technicians that are NFPA, CFPS, qualified, trained, and certified will examine the needs of each specific location and build a strategy to improve fire safety. BTFS is without a doubt one of Dubai's leading fire safety consultants.
Location: Unit 507, Bayan Building, DIP-1
Contact Number: +971-4-271-3794