Rent in Dubai Studio | Affordable Places to Rent of Studio apartment in Dubai
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Dubai is a business destination. People from all around the world come to Dubai either for doing business or for finding job opportunities etc. So When they come to Dubai they need a place to live they cannot afford to buy an apartment in Dubai as the property in Dubai Is really expensive and even the nationals of UAE barely manage to get their hands on their property

Expensive Prices of apartments lead people to rent small studio apartments in places where the prices are affordable as well as studio apartments have prices lesser than 2-bed or 3-bed apartments. Rent in Dubai Studio varies with the place

What are the affordable places to rent Studios in Dubai?

We have captured all of the areas that offer studio apartments at a very decent price. People can easily rent these apartments as the areas are full of facilities and you can have access to other parts of Dubai very easily. Moreover, Cheap and best apartments in Dubai for rent are also available for those who have a big family to live. 

International City 

International City is on the top of our list with the cheapest residence available throughout Dubai. The place is nice and offers all of the facilities. You can have all of the basic amenities of life like Schools, hospitals and markets, etc. This makes the place even more worthy as you don’t miss anything in the place. It offers low-rent Studio apartments in Dubai

The rent of a studio apartment in International City is AED 18k

Dubai South

Dubai South is an emerging residence society in Dubai that offers very affordable apartments ranging from studios to 3 beds. Its popularity was because of the competitive price.  The place is equipped with all of the facilities one can seek. It is near to the Al Actium airport. Moreover, it was also very close to The Dubai expo. The place offers apartments built recently. It is considered affordable to rent in Dubai Studio

The rent for the studio apartment in Dubai South is AED 21k

Dubai Production City

Dubai Production City is the home to many people that work in different media agencies located in the area. The place is very close to Sheikh Sayed Road. The place offers apartments at a very handsome price. One can easily afford to live in Dubai Production City and the facilities in the area include Educational institutes, Food chains, and other amenities. It is considered a wise option for people looking for cheap apartments in Dubai.

The average rent of a Studio apartment is AED 21k

Al Warsan

Al Warsan is a very beautiful architectural society located in Dubai. The society is divided into four blocks A, B, C, and D. There are a lot of people that already shifted to the area because firstly it is a very nicely built place secondly it offers every facility whether it is educational, medical or other necessities of life. Thirdly the price of the apartment is very less compared to what the area offers to its residents. People that want an affordable rent Studio apartment in Dubai are good to go

The average price of a Studio apartment is AED 23k

Dubai Sports City

Dubai sports city has gotten a lot of attention since it was built because of the location of the community. It is near to all of the sports academies that are located in Dubai. People that are either working in Those academies or getting training from them prefer to live in the place to save their expenses and to commute conveniently to their sports academies. The place is full of amenities and surprisingly it offers an affordable price of rent in Dubai studio

You can find a studio apartment easily at the price of AED 24k

Discovery Gardens

Discovery garden is also a very nice neighborhood to rent an apartment in Dubai. You can have easy access to other parts of Dubai because the subway station is located near the community which is a prominent point of the place. It is a very large community consisting of a lot of buildings and there are a lot of available places to rent. If we talk about the prices of the apartments it is affordable.

You can opt for a studio apartment for AED 23k


We have seen the top places that offer at really affordable prices.  one can easily get studio apartments in the range of AED17k up to AED25k yearly which is cheap considering that it is Dubai where there are very high prices of apartments. Even if you are having these affordable apartments doesn’t mean you are missing anything as we have seen that most of the places are very close to the city and easy to travel to. There is every facility available in these areas so whether it is educational institutions or medical health care. you are covered. So you can research about these areas and you can choose one that suits you and your budget every place has a different kind of importance