Villas for Sale in Ajman - Top Rated Villas 2022
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Ajman is a small city in UAE known for affordable living as compared to other cities. Ajman has a lot regarding the real estate market. There are a lot of investment opportunities and if you are looking for an affordable place to live so it is the one that will suit you.

You can hold A villa in Ajman relatively at a low cost as compared to the other cities of UAE. There are a lot of communities that are still under development and they are open to investors once the communities get completed one will earn a lot of profit by selling them. You can also check apartments for sale in Ajman

Communities to buy villas in Ajman

The beautiful views of Ajman, The coast add a lot to the beauty of the city Moreover it is located close to Sharjah. Job holders of Sharjah have a good edge to commute stress-free to their jobs. Moreover, Ajman is equipped with everything you can find in a lot of tourist attractions in Ajman. There are a lot of things to do in the City. Some of the communities are the following

Al Yasmeen

Al Yasmeen is the Oldest community area to purchase villas. It is a very wise option for families to buy a property in the UAE. The location is great due to the easy access to Sheikh Zayed Road it is really easy to commute with other cities of Ajman and the cities of UAE. It is the best place to Buy Villas For sale in Ajman

The communities offer convenient access to every kind of facility ranging from Marts, Educational Opportunities, Gardens, and universities. The Villas are Constructed very beautifully and equipped with all of the necessities. 3 bed Villas are for 914k Dirhams. 4 bed Villas are for 1.03 m Dirhams. and 5 bed Villas for 1.20 m Dirhams.

Al Rawda

After The Al Yaseen Community there comes the Al Rawda community. Al Rawda is divided into three parts that involve 1-3 phases. The community is very peaceful and nice to be lived in. The E11 highway is too close to it which makes it even more worthy.

It also holds the importance of the Camel Festival that happens in February every year moreover there are a lot of malls and most importantly you can easily access the Ajman Medical center in case of any medical assistance. 5 bed Villa is for 1.68 million Dirhams.

Al Mowaihat

Al Mowaihat comprises 3 phases 1-3. The Villas are constructed with beautiful inside and outside looks. There is ample space for car parking. Houses have a lot of space it is suitable for people that are concerned with the industrial area for any reason That is what makes it a good option to buy Villas for Sale in Ajman.

 If they hold a job or do a business. It also has a lot of Schools and Malls etc. Communication with other cities is made easy with the help OF Zayed Road. The 5-bed villa’s price goes to 1.56M Dirhams.

Al Zahia

To buy villas in Ajman, Al Zahia is also a well-known place to live in Ajman, The houses are made with a lot of extra accessories and features that will benefit people. There are a lot of Villas with 3 beds and up to 5 beds available for sale.

The location is also very suitable for the people. It also provides easy access to the Zayed Road for communication with other cities. The price for a 3-bed villa is 905k dirhams. A 4-bed villa goes for like 940k dirhams. 5-bed villa for sale at 1.10 m Dirhams 

Ajman Uptown

Ajman town is the best option for a person who needs to buy a villa for sale in Ajman at a budget-friendly price and There is still development going on that is why it is right now easy to afford a villa in Ajman Uptown. It will benefit the people a lot when it will be completed. There will be every facility available like educational institutes, health and fitness institutes, medical centers, etc. 2-bed villas are available for 260k Dirhams


So here are all of the communities where you can buy Villas living in Ajman. If you are planning to buy one of the Villa you can visit all of the communities and select the one that suits you. All of the places offer almost every facility one may speak of.

There are still some areas that are affordable because of the ongoing development work but once the construction work will be completed it will be beneficial for the people who bought villas. The job Holders of Dubai or other cities can easily opt for Ajman as the other cities are really expensive in the real estate That is why Ajman is still the best value to money Real estate.