Ajman, a small emirate within the United Arab Emirates (UAE), is renowned for its rich culture and cost-effective living. It emerges as the ideal choice for individuals unable to meet the high living expenses of Sharjah and Dubai. Renting an apartment in Ajman is more economical as compared to other notable states of the UAE, making it a preferred destination for living.

There is a community in Ajman who daily commute to Sharjah or Dubai for their job, but rent a flat in Ajman due to its annual rent affordability as well as low living cost. There are great options for apartments for rent in the market of Ajman, let’s explore them.

Benefits of renting a property in Ajman

Review the advantages of having a flat for rent in Ajman before getting into the specifics of renting a home there.

1. Ajman offers a high quality of life at affordable prices

2. Families can rent 1- or 2-bedroom apartments for a lower price.

3. Residents of the state lead calm lives because of excellent amenities including public transportation, top-notch healthcare facilities, inexpensive international schools, and security all around the state.

4. The people’s access to the outdoors, the beauty of the beaches, and public family parks promote a healthy lifestyle.

5. You can live a lifestyle similar to that of Dubai or Sharjah with lower annual rent, fewer utility costs, cheap dining, and manageable educational costs for your cherished children.

Types of apartments in Ajman

For apartments for rent in Ajman, it has various options, from studios to 4-bedroom apartments. Studios typically feature 1 bathroom, and an open kitchen, and boast an average size ranging from 400 to 500 sq. ft, providing a comfortable and compact living space.

One-bedroom apartments are available with both 1 and 2-bathroom options, offering an average area of 600 sq. ft, ideal for individuals or couples seeking a bit more space and privacy.

For larger families, we have an array of options in 2, 3, and 4-bedroom flats.

Two-bedroom apartments typically offer 2, 3, or 4 bathrooms and an average area of 1500 sq. ft, making them suitable for families of varying sizes.

If you require a 3-bedroom apartment to accommodate a bigger family, these units provide an average floor space of 1700 sq. ft, ensuring ample room for comfortable living. Finally, the 4-bedroom flat option comes up with an average floor space of 3000 sq. ft.

Note: these are average floor spaces of apartments not exact, for more details you can contact to improperties team.

Best Areas to find Flats for rent in Ajman

For rent a house in Ajman, there are plenty of options available in Ajman including Al Sawan, Emirates City, Ajman Downtown, Al Nuaimiya, as well as Al Rashdiya, let’s discuss them.

Al Sawan

Al Sawan is a popular area of Ajman near the Sharjah Border and Ajman Corniche. It provides high-end amenities for apartments to rent in Ajman including nearby beaches, supermarkets, healthcare centers, etc. The most popular area for renting an apartment in Al Sawan is Ajman One Tower.

Emirates City

This area is suitable for those who have daily commute to other parts of the UAE because its location is on the famous Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road. The popular high-rise tower of Emirates City is Gulf Tower with access to amenities like swimming pools, security, a Jacuzzi, and nearby healthcare centers, etc.

Ajman Downtown

Another popular area of Ajman is to rent a flat with affordable prices but with all the amenities of life. It is in close proximity to Ajman Beach as well as the City Center of Ajman.

Al Nuaimiya

Al Nuaimiya is another best place to live in Ajman for those who live in Ajman, but daily travel to Sharjah, because it is located on the Ajman-Sharjah border as well as close proximity to the Ajman Industrial area and Al Rashidiya. The most popular towers of this community are City Tower Ajman and Nuaimia One Tower.

Al Rashidiya

Strategically close to Ajman Stadium and Ajman Corniche, boasts high-end amenities of shopping centers, health care centers, and many more. It gains the attention of flat renters due to its elegant high-rise towers as well as fun activities like Al Rashidiya public park etc.

Prices to rent a flat in Ajman

In Ajman, you can find a variety of apartment types to rent to suit your needs. Studios range from 400 to 500 sq. ft. with an average price of 11,000 AED. One-bedroom apartments offer an area between 1,100 to 1,150 sq. ft. and cost around 18,000 AED. Two-bedroom apartments, with an average size of 1,200 sq.ft., are priced at 27,000 AED. If you’re looking for more space, three-bedroom apartments range from 2,000 to 2,200 sq. ft. and are priced at approximately 40,000 AED. For larger families, four-bedroom apartments with 3,000 sq. ft. of space are available at 65,000 AED.

Apartment Types

Average sq. ft. Area

Average Prices (AED)


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Bottom Line

Ajman offers a variety of apartments for rent in its neighborhood to cater to various preferences and family sizes. There are many renting flat options according to residents’ budget and family needs from cozy studios to spacious 4-bed apartments. Whether you’re a single professional, a couple, or a large family, Ajman’s real estate market has options to accommodate your needs. You’re sure to find the ideal spot to call home in this energetic and welcoming city if you take your time browsing the neighborhoods and apartment types described.

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