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Discover the Unbeatable Charms: Why Investing in Samana Skyros Apartments Is a Must

The Samana Skyros Apartments are for sale, located in the prime location of Dubai, Arjan, with a hidden oasis of tranquility and luxury. It has studio, 1 and 2-bedroom apartments available for sale with easy payment plans.  Offering a unique and unparalleled living experience, these apartments not only redefine urban living but also present a lucrative opportunity for investors seeking high returns and a gateway to luxury living. With private pools, accessibility to major parts of the city, lush green surroundings, and a promise of exceptional ROI, Samana Skyros Apartments stand out as an irresistible investment choice.

Apartments With Private Pools

Imagine waking up to the gentle splash of water and the soothing embrace of your own private pool. At Samana Skyros Apartments, this dream becomes a reality. Each unit boasts its own private pool, transforming ordinary mornings into moments of sheer indulgence. Whether you’re seeking a refreshing swim to kickstart your day or a calm evening by the water, these private pools offer the ultimate retreat within the confines of your home.

Accessibility Redefined

Location is paramount when considering an investment, and Samana Skyros Apartments excels in this aspect. Strategically situated, these apartments offer unparalleled access to all major parts of the city. The Samana Skyros is 5 minutes away from Miracle Garden and Mall of Emirates, as well as, 10-minutes away from Global Village and Burj Khalifa. Moreover, it has close proximity to health centers and reputed educational institutes. Say goodbye to long commutes and hello to more quality time spent with loved ones. From business districts to recreational hubs, everything is within arm’s reach, making these apartments a convenient choice for both residents and potential tenants.

Greek-Inspired Look

In the midst of the urban hustle, Samana Skyros Apartments proudly presents a Greek-inspired look community. The facilities like a rooftop jogging park, indoor large leisure pool deck, rooftop basketball court, rooftop outdoor cinema, sauna, and steam room made these apartments full of leisure and entertainment.

High ROI

Investing in UAE’s real estate is not just about a place to live; it’s about financial security and growth. Samana Skyros Apartments offers a high return of 8 to 18% on an investment that’s hard to match. The combination of luxurious amenities, prime location, and the ever-increasing demand for premium urban living ensures that your investment will appreciate over time. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting, these apartments present an opportunity that’s as solid as it is promising.

A Gateway to Luxury

Luxury living isn’t just about material possessions; it’s a lifestyle. Samana Skyros Apartments provide a gateway to a life of luxury and comfort. From the elegant architecture to the thoughtfully designed interiors, every detail exudes sophistication. The private pools, lush surroundings, and accessibility to city conveniences further elevate the living experience. Investing in these apartments means embracing a life where luxury becomes an everyday reality.


The charm of Samana Skyros Apartments is undeniable. With private pools that offer a personal retreat, accessibility to key city areas, a Greek-inspired community, high ROI potential, and an invitation to luxury living, these apartments represent an investment opportunity that goes beyond the ordinary. Discover the unbeatable charms of Samana Skyros Apartments and make a choice that promises a life of comfort, convenience, and enduring value.

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Verdana II Residence Luxury Apartment Floor Plans

Welcome to Verdana II Residence, where luxury and comfort blend seamlessly to create a living experience like no other. Located in Dubai Investment Park, this exquisite residential complex redefines modern living. With its perfect design, top-notch amenities, and attention to detail, Verdana Residence 2 apartments for sale offers a lifestyle that caters to your every need. In this article, we will explore the detailed floor plans of Verdana for both studios and 1-bedroom apartments.

Verdana II Residence Floor Plans

Studio Apartment Floor Plans

Explore our range of unit types and floor plans, beginning with the Studio Type A. Spanning from the Ground Floor to the 10th Floor, this option offers an internal area of 317.75 sq. ft. The addition of an outdoor area, ranging from 26.26 to 115.1 sq. ft, contributes to a total area of 344.1 to 432.8 sq. ft.

Verdana Studio type A
Verdana Studio type A floor plan

1-bedroom Apartments Floor Plans

One-bedroom apartments have type A to Type H floor plans including 1 bedroom and 2 bathrooms.

Type A Floor Plan

Introducing the 1BHK Type A, an exquisite option spanning from the 1st Ground Floor to the 9th Floor. Boasting an internal area of 600 sq.ft, this layout is thoughtfully designed to accommodate your lifestyle. Step out and unwind in the outdoor area, which ranges from 75.24 to 252.3 sq.ft, adding a touch of nature to your living space. With a total area of 675 to 852.1 sq.ft, the 1BHK Type A offers both comfort and elegance for your ideal home.

Verdana1bhk type A
Verdana1bhk type A Floor Plan

Type B Floor Plan

Discover the inviting 1BHK Type B, spanning from the 1st Ground Floor to the 10th Floor. With an internal area of 550.68 sq.ft, this layout provides a cozy yet spacious living environment. Embrace the outdoors with an outdoor area ranging from 90.63 to 342.72 sq.ft, creating a seamless blend of indoor and outdoor living. With a total area ranging from 641.31 to 893.40 sq.ft, the 1BHK Type B presents a harmonious living space that caters to your comfort and aspirations.

verdana 1bhk type B
Verdana 1bhk type B Floor Plan

Type C Floor Plan

Introducing the 1BHK Type C, spanning from the 1st Ground Floor to the 9th Floor. With an internal area of 590.72 sq.ft, this layout offers a spacious canvas for your lifestyle needs. Step outside and experience the beauty of the outdoor area, ranging from 75.46 to 362.74 sq.ft, providing a serene extension of your living space. With a total area ranging from 666.17 to 953.47 sq.ft, the 1BHK Type C presents an enchanting living arrangement that blends comfort, style and the joy of outdoor living.

Verdana 1bhk type C
Verdana 1bhk type C Floor Plan

Type D Floor Plan

Introducing the elegant 1B Type D, spanning from the 2nd Ground Floor to the 10th Floor. With an internal area of 559.18 sq.ft, this layout offers a well-designed living space that suits your needs. Step outside and enjoy the intimate outdoor area, ranging from 68.02 to 71.14 sq.ft, providing a cozy outdoor retreat. With a total area ranging from 626.78 to 630.33 sq.ft, the 1B Type D presents a harmonious living environment that combines efficiency and comfort seamlessly.

Verdana 1bhk Type D
Verdana 1bhk Type D Floor Plan

Type E Floor Plan

Introducing the 1BHK Type E, stretching from the Ground Floor to the 2nd Floor. Featuring an internal area of 605.47 sq.ft, this layout offers a generous living space designed to accommodate your lifestyle. Step into the outdoor area, which ranges from 102.55 to 286 sq.ft, and relish in the connection to nature it provides. With a total area ranging from 709.34 to 892.65 sq.ft, the 1BHK Type E presents a delightful living arrangement that balances indoor comfort with outdoor charm.

verdana 1bhk Type E
Verdana 1bhk Type E Floor Plan

Type F Floor Plan

Introducing the 1BHK Type F, spanning from the 1st to the 10th Floor. Boasting an internal area of 538.73 sq.ft, this layout offers a well-designed living space that caters to your needs. Step outside and embrace the outdoors in the outdoor area, ranging from 61.68 to 243.70 sq.ft, adding a touch of nature to your living experience. With a total area ranging from 600.41 to 782.43 sq.ft, the 1BHK Type F presents a harmonious living arrangement that blends comfort, style and a connection to the outdoors.

verdana 1bhk Type F
Verdana 1bhk Type F Floor Plan

Type G Floor Plan

Introducing the 1BHK Type G, located on the Ground Floor. With an internal area of 593.95 sq.ft, this layout offers a spacious and well-appointed living space. Step outside to the outdoor area, spanning 148.43 sq.ft, and enjoy a private outdoor retreat. With a total area of 742.38 sq.ft, the 1BHK Type G presents a cozy and comfortable living environment, perfect for those who appreciate both indoor and outdoor living experiences.

Verdana 1bhk Type G
Verdana 1bhk Type G Floor Plan

Bottom Line

Verdana II Residence presents a captivating array of living options through its meticulously designed unit types and floor plans. Verdana II Residence floor plans from the cozy Studio Type A to the inviting 1BHK layouts like Type B, C, D, E, F, G, and H, each choice reflects a perfect balance of comfort and style. The thoughtfully allocated internal and outdoor areas offer a seamless blend of indoor and outdoor living, catering to a diverse range of preferences. Whether you seek intimate spaces or spacious layouts, Verdana Residence 2 ensures a living experience that meets your needs. With attention to detail evident in every aspect, these floor plans promise a modern, luxurious, and harmonious lifestyle. Whether you’re seeking solace or a vibrant social atmosphere, these floor plans offer a range of possibilities for your dream residence.









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Why You Should Buy An Apartment in Verdana 2 Residence, Dubai Investment Park

Have you ever imagined a life where everything is comfortable, easy, and stylish? Verdana Residence 2 is a wonderful place to live that encourages you to have a lifestyle that’s not ordinary. In this article, we’ll explain why you might want to buy an apartment in Verdana II Residence. We’ll talk about its great location, fancy amenities, and the promise of a bright future.

Benefits to Buy an Apartment in Verdana II

Prime Location

One of the reasons to buy an apartment in Verdana Residence II is its prime location. Hidden away from the noisy city at Dubai Investment Park, Verdana Residence II is like a calm and modern haven. It’s in a perfect spot where you can easily get to the city but still enjoy a peaceful and quiet home. When you step into Verdana 2, you leave behind the busy city life and find a calm and peaceful world. Moreover, this community provides high-end transportation connectivity. Due to well-connected roads with major highways like Sheikh Zayed Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan Street (D54) and Yalasis Street (D57), residents can easily connect to other major parts of Dubai.

Proximity to major parts of the city

Living in Verdana Residence II means you have everything close by. It’s in a good place, so you can quickly get to all the important parts of the city. Whether it’s where people do business, places to have fun or special spots in the city, you won’t have to travel far. No longer trips to get places – you’ll have more time to enjoy yourself and spend time with your family. Expo City is a 12-minute drive from Verdana, Ibn Battuta Mall is an 18-minute drive, Al Maktoum International Airport is a 25-minute drive, Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club is a 19-minute drive, and Trump International Golf Club is on 17-minute away from Verdana II, Dubai Investment Park.

Luxurious Amenities

Imagine every day feeling like you’re on vacation. Verdana Residence 2 makes this real with its fancy amenities. There are cool swimming pools on the rooftops where you can see the city, and really modern fitness centers to keep you healthy. It’s not just a place to live; it’s like living in a fancy resort. Furthermore, park and leisure areas, Gyms, restaurants, and supermarkets are also in the proximity of Verdana to make this place the blend of comfort and leisure.

Future Investment with High ROI

When you buy an apartment, you’re not just finding a home – you’re making a smart choice for your future. Verdana Residence 2 is more than just a place to live right now; it’s an investment that could give you more money later. Because of where it is and how fancy it is, the apartment you buy could be worth even more in the future. Investing in a Verdana Residence apartment offers the potential for a strong return on investment, ranging from 6% to 8%.

Lush Green and Natural Community

Leave the busy city and come to a green and natural community that makes you feel better. Verdana Residence 2 isn’t just buildings; it’s a mix of modern style and natural beauty. You can walk around in peaceful gardens, stroll on paths lined with trees, and live a life where nature and modern living are perfect together.

Modern Architecture

The modern architecture of Verdana Residence is designed to offer the utmost comfort and convenience. Each unit features private balconies or terraces as outlined in the unit plan, allowing you to enjoy outdoor spaces in your own haven. The kitchen boasts stylish cabinets and countertops, while fully tiled bathrooms, both in suites and for guests, bring an elegant touch.

Double-glazed windows ensure a tranquil environment, and the central air conditioning keeps the atmosphere pleasant. Bedrooms are thoughtfully equipped with built-in wardrobes, offering ample storage, and the addition of vanity units and mirrors adds a touch of luxury to your daily routine. In every aspect, Verdana Residence’s contemporary design aims to provide a modern, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing living experience

Bottom Line

In a world with lots of choices, Verdana is a place of luxury, comfort, and convenience. There are many reason to buy an apartment in Verdana Residence which are a great location, has fancy amenities, and can give you a secure future. Choosing to live here is smart and exciting. Enjoy a great life where every day is a chance to enjoy the best things. Find out how amazing Verdana II is – you deserve the best. Remember, your path to your dream apartment begins here, at Verdana Residence 2.

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Top 4 Areas to Find Affordable Flat for Sale in Ajman

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City Tower Ajman The Ultimate Urban Escape


Welcome to the vibrant city of Ajman, where modern living meets cultural heritage. Among the soaring skyscrapers, one stands out majestically, offering an ultimate urban escape like no other – the City Tower Ajman. In this article, we will explore the beauty, luxury, and unique experiences that await you in this captivating architectural wonder. Read more “City Tower Ajman The Ultimate Urban Escape”

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City Tower Ajman Reaching for the Skies

The City Tower Ajman stands tall and proud, defining the skyline of the city it calls home. Rising majestically into the sky, this iconic landmark has become more than just a building; it is a symbol of Ajman’s progress and ambition. From its fascinating history to its modern-day role as a hub of activity and culture, City Tower Ajman has solidified its place in the hearts of the people and the city itself. Read more “City Tower Ajman Reaching for the Skies”

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Ajman One Tower – Your Ultimate Guide

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Investing in Freehold Flats in Ajman: A Comprehensive Guide

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Discover the Majestic City Tower Ajman

“Uncover the secrets of Majestic City Tower Ajman: A ray of hope for wanderers lost in the concrete jungle. Amidst the bustling city lies a real problem, a yearning soul in search of peace and wonder. This Unravels the mystery of the charming monument, where dreams come. Their way to the stars, and the heart finds its home amid the urban maze.”


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