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Ajman, As the smallest state of UAE, but has strong economic growth in the UAE real estate market, Ajman offers many freehold projects for residents as well as non-residents of the UAE. These projects are considered to be budget-friendly and do not break the bank as compared to Dubai’s projects but provide world-class amenities and a luxurious lifestyle. Apartments for sale in Nuaimiya Tower C is one of them. Here, we will sort out the benefits of buying an apartment in Nuaimiya Tower C Ajman, and help you to make a decision before investment.

Benefits of Buying An Apartment In Nuaimiya Tower C Ajman

Prime location

Located in Al Nuaimiya, Ajman, Nuaimia Tower C in Ajman enjoys a strategic location with several key areas nearby. Al-Rashideya 1 is just 1.3 kilometers away, providing residents with easy access to local amenities. Ajman Industrial 2 is also within close reach at 1.6 kilometers, while Mushairif stands at 1.8 kilometers. Slightly further, but still conveniently close, Ajman Industrial 1 is situated at 2.1 kilometers. Al-Safia and Ajman Creek, both at 3.5 kilometers, offer additional attractions and services. For those looking for a slightly broader range of options, Al-Jurf 2 is 3.6 kilometers away. Emirate of Ajman itself is accessible within 6.8 kilometers, and Hamriyah City lies at a distance of 13 kilometers. Furthermore, being just 33 kilometers from the Emirate of Sharjah, Nuaimia Tower C’s location facilitates easy access to neighboring emirates and the vibrant city of Dubai, making it a well-connected and convenient place to reside.

Top-notch amenities

Buying an apartment in Nuaimia C Tower Ajman has a lot of helpful things for people who live there. They have people who can fix things or help you 24/7, and they also have people who make sure it’s safe all the time. You can get coffee in the building, and there’s a special place for people to come together and do things. Your car can be safe from bad weather because there’s a place to park it under a roof. If you want to exercise, there’s a gym with all the stuff you need. They also have a place for garbage so things stay clean. You don’t have to worry about parking because they have spots for cars. And if you need to buy things, there are stores nearby, so it’s really easy and comfortable to live at Nuaimia C Tower.

Moreover, there are many amenities, like, The well-known Grandmall, Velocity Body Fitness, and Al Nahrain Medical Center are located quite close to this community. Many residents and visitors in the area often eat at Cancios, Al Marsa, Africana Home, Al Aqaba, and Delhi Corner Restaurant, among other excellent dining options.

Flexible payment plans

For the investors and newbies in the real estate market of Ajman, financing options for Nuaimiya Tower C apartments are very flexible and convenient, which does not break the bank. You have to pay only an 8% down payment to book your dream house and pay the remaining amount in 96 installments in the next 8 years.

Less energy consumption

Buying a flat in Nuaimiya Tower C Ajman has one more benefit less energy consumption. The apartments are designed in a way that they are more ventilated, have exposure to sunlight, fresh breathable air to reduce the consumption of electricity.

Freehold property

Nuaimia C Tower in Ajman is a freehold property in Ajman. You have full control and complete ownership when you own a unit there. You don’t need to involve any third parties when you want to sell or transfer your property. It’s all in your hands, making it a hassle-free and straightforward ownership experience.

Multiple floor plans

Ground Floor

The ground floor typically serves for reception, lobby, shops, offices, and service rooms, along with a variety of shopping centers, etc. Moreover, besides the ground, there are a total of 6 floors of covered parking for the residents.


The Nuaimia Tower C comprises studio apartments that create a cozy atmosphere. These units include a bathroom and an open American-style kitchen, promising an enjoyable cooking experience, and a balcony for breathable air. There are multiple floor plans for studio apartments, like Type D floor plan, Type E, Type F, and Type G floor plans and the gross area floor plans are 572.33 Sq ft, 628.98 Sq ft, 567.77 Sq ft, and 686.50 Sq ft respectively.

1-Bedroom Apartments

One-bedroom apartments are comprised of 2 bathrooms, 1 kitchen, 2 balconies, and 1 living room which is ideal for single, couples, or small families. The gross area of the apartment is 985.24 Sq ft.

2-Bedroom Apartments

Two-bedroom apartments are ideal for medium-sized or large families and comprise of 2 bathrooms, 1 kitchen, 1 living room, and a balcony. The gross area of the apartment is 1,436.20 Sq ft.

Bottom Line

Apartments for sale in Ajman have plenty of opportunities for investors and would be a profitable decision for future savings. Buying an apartment in Nuaimiya Tower C Ajman brings more benefits of living and an abundance of world-class amenities.

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