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Dubai, with its lavish architecture, sparkling beaches, and endless shopping opportunities, is undoubtedly one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. However, with its reputation for luxury and extravagance, Dubai is often perceived as an expensive vacation spot, and many tourists shy away from planning a trip to this city fearing that they will end up overspending.

Moreover, Dubai is a hub of opportunities for business, jobs, and tax-free income. Therefore, the number of ex-pats is immensely increasing here to achieve these opportunities. For both job seekers and tourists, finding affordable rental accommodations can be quite challenging in this location.

Instead of staying at a luxury and expensive hotel, one such option is to rent a villa. In this guide, we will show you how to find cheap villas for rent in Dubai that will allow you to enjoy a luxurious vacation or find the right job without draining your wallet. Moreover, we will summarize rental prices of affordable areas in the tabulated form below.

Benefits of cheap villas for rent in Dubai

  1. Renting a villa in Dubai is more spacious than an apartment, hence suitable for families and groups
  2. You can be comfortable with the privacy level in the villa, which you cannot find in hotels or apartments
  3. Villas are equipped with all the primary amenities like swimming pools, a garden, a big kitchen, and a living room.
  4. Villa for rent in Dubai, is more cost-effective than a hotel, especially if you’re in a family or a group.

Top Areas to Search for Cheap Villas for Rent in Dubai

So, if you are looking for popular areas to rent villas in Dubai, have a look below, it helps to find villas according to your job place and budget also.


Serena is a gated, lush green community that can be an ideal place for families with kids. Because schools are nearby this community, they do not worry about the pick n drop of kids in schools. It is a project of Dubai Properties and connects with the main areas of Dubai through roads of E611, and D63 (Al Qudra Road). The three sub-communities of Serena are Viva Dora, Casa Dora, and Bella Dora.

Moreover, it welcomes tenants to live, play, shop, and dine in one place. Furthermore, they have the amenities like hospitals, supermarkets, schools, swimming pools, and playgrounds.

110K AED is the average rent price of a 3-bedroom villa if you are looking for Cheap Villas for Rent in Dubai.

Town Square

The Town Square is located in Dubailand and was developed by the Nshama Group. It is a popular area to find Cheap Villas for Rent in Dubai with economical and budget-friendly prices. Living in this community takes away the hustle and bustle of life. It is located on Al Qudra Road, full of recreational places.

You can find 3-bedroom villas for an average rent of 109K AED, and 4-bedroom villas for 132K AED annually.


The popularity of Mirdif on the top list of areas to rent Cheap Villas for Rent in Dubai for is its budget-friendly rents with heterogenous villas architecture. This community is close to the Dubai International Airport. This is a family-friendly community, home to the giant Mushrif Park, full of amenities and a recreational environment.

You can find 3-bedroom, 4-bedrooms, and 5-bedroom villas with an average annual rent of 90K,115K, and 124K AED respectively.

International City

International City in Dubai, is home to country-themed clusters. Every country is based on the theme of the specific country which truly represents that country. It is situated near the Global Village Dubai, and Al Warqa’a. The residents living in International City get all the facilities of life, like public transport, health, educational centers, shopping malls, etc.

3-bedroom villas for rent in International City are up to 89K AED annually rent.

Jumeirah Village Circle

JVC is a self-sufficient community, as well as it is one of the best communities under your budget to Cheap Villas for Rent in Dubai. The developer of JVC is Nakheel, and it is situated in the center of new Dubai. Moreover, it is a freehold property with a mix of apartments, townhouses, and villas. It has all the retail options for its residents, as well as, other amenities like recreational spots, supermarkets, high-standard schools, and hospitals are there.  

This community is close to Internet City, Dubai Marina, Media City, and JLT. There are many options for cheap rental villas in JVC. The average rent price of 1-bed, 2-bed, 3-bed, 4-bed, 5-bed, and 6-bed is 71K, 96K, 97K, 108K, 124K, and 130K AED respectively. You can choose according to your family and budget.

Jumeriah Village Triangle

JVT is a freehold community developed between the Sheikh Zayed Road and Al Khail Road, connecting this community to significant areas of Dubai. The developer of JVT is also Nakheel Properties, it has a total of nine districts with 5000 options of villas, apartments, and townhouses.

Moreover, this family-friendly community has affordable villas to rent, all the amenities of daily life, as well as entertainment and recreational zones.

JVT also has a range of 1-bedroom to 6-bedroom villas. The average rent for a 1-bed is 72K AED, 2-bed for 106K, 3-bed for 117K, 4-bed for 151K, 5-bed for 160K, and 6-bed for 181K AED.

Price Summary of Renting a Cheap Villa

So, we have discussed the cheap villas for rent in Dubai. We summarized all the rent prices in the tabulated form here for your convenience,

Community 1bed 2bed 3bed 4bed 5bed 6bed
Serena 110K AED
Town Square 109K AED 132K AED
International City 90K AED 115K AED 124K AED
Mirdif 89K AED
Jumeirah Village Circle 71K AED 96K AED 97K AED 108K AED 124K AED 130K AED
Jumeriah village triangle   72K AED 106K AED 117K AED 151K AED 160K AED 181K AED

You can choose villas according to your family size, budget, and nearby facilities.

How to Find Cheapest Villa in Dubai

If you’re on a budget and looking for renting a cheap villa, there are several ways to find affordable accommodation options. Here are some tips to help you in your search:

  1. You can check online websites that offer services to rent the cheapest villas in Dubai, like Airbnb, booking.com, improperties, etc. Moreover, you can search according to your budget, location, and amenities.
  2. You can check online property listing websites like Bayut, PropertyFinder, etc. to find cheap villas for rent in Dubai.
  3. You can rent villas in less popular areas, which cost you less than in popular areas of Dubai.
  4. Try to negotiate with the landlord to rent a villa in Dubai.
  5. You can also search on social media for the cheapest villas in Dubai because many landlords and agents advertise there to rent their property.


In conclusion, while Dubai is often associated with luxury and opulence, it is still possible to find affordable villas for rent in the city. By considering factors such as location, size, amenities, and budget, as well as utilizing tips for finding Cheap Villas for Rent in Dubai rentals, anyone can find a comfortable and reasonably priced villa in Dubai. Some of the top areas we have discussed above offer affordable villas for Cheap Villas for Rent in Dubai. With some research and effort, renting a villa in Dubai can be a viable option for those on a budget.



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