8738Tips On How to find apartment for rent by owner in Dubai

To ensure a successful search to find an apartment for rent by an owner in Ajman. It is important to consider certain factors. While the process of finding an apartment for rent can be thrilling, it can also be overwhelming. As a prospective tenant, it is crucial to follow a few steps in order to secure a desirable property. Which will bring you joy. To guarantee that you find the perfect apartment. We have compiled a list of recommendations for individuals who find an apartment for rent from the owner in Ajman.

Negotiate before having the Apartment for rent

When searching for an apartment for rent in Ajman. It is worth considering the possibility of negotiating a better deal than what is advertised online. The rental market in Dubai is highly competitive, and there may be opportunities to pay less than the advertised price or split the rent over multiple cheques. To secure the best deal on a rental apartment, it is advisable to discuss negotiation strategies with your agent.

Conduct an examination of the rental apartment 

When inspecting an apartment for rent by the owner in Ajman. It is essential to conduct a comprehensive examination of their condition and amenities to ensure they meet your requirements. Assess if any damages are present, such as broken fixtures or windows. Verify the functionality of utilities like water pressure by testing the shower. It is advisable to bring a checklist and thoroughly examine every aspect of a rental apartment. 

Conduct  a proper research

Ensure that you conduct thorough research before making a decision for an area to rent an apartment if you are contemplating renting a property in an unfamiliar area. It is crucial to invest time in researching and evaluating it before finalizing your choice. Consider factors such as its proximity to desired locations or amenities in Ajman, the convenience of commuting to work, and the appeal of nearby establishments like shops and restaurants. By dedicating time to familiarize yourself with the area, you increase the likelihood of finding an apartment for rent in a location that brings you satisfaction.

Ensure the necessary documents

Ensure that you have your necessary documents and finances in order before proceeding with renting a property. It is important to know the specific documents required and associated costs. Seek guidance from your real estate agent. Ensure that you have all the necessary paperwork before finding an apartment for rent, including an Emirates ID and UAE bank account. Additionally, be prepared for agency fees, DEWA deposits, and jari costs.

Consult your apartment owner

It is important to inform your agent or landlord if the dishwasher is not functioning properly, as they may not be aware of the issue. As per the lease agreement, tenants are entitled to certain benefits, such as free repairs for certain problems. Therefore, it is recommended to communicate any issues to the landlord of your rental apartment and request their assistance in resolving the matter. Ensure you acquire comprehensive information regarding tenants’ rights while finding an apartment for rent in Ajman. In the event that you encounter any issues upon moving in, kindly inform your agent or landlord promptly to facilitate swift resolution.

Maintain trust

To foster trust, it is essential to go beyond timely rent payments as a tenant. It is imperative to maintain the rented apartment diligently. In the event of any damage caused, taking responsibility is crucial. By cultivating a positive rapport with the owner of the apartment, they are more inclined to assist with any issues or requests that may arise.


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