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UAE is the hub of the tenancy market, where tenants can find better rental options when their tenancy contracts are ended. So, now it’s time to vacate your apartment in UAE to have better opportunities and get your security deposit back from the landlord. But keep in mind that you make sure to return the property in the same condition if you want your security deposit 100% back. In this blog, we will explore some tips for receiving a security deposit back from a landlord without any hassle and disputes.

Tips for Receiving Security Deposit Back from Landlord

Getting a security deposit back should be dispute-free, if you follow these tips then surely the Security deposit return procedure will be easy for you.

Getting ready for a smooth move-out and Read the Maintenance clause

According to Law in UAE, the landlord is responsible for the maintenance or fixes of the property during the term of the lease. Moreover, according to Law, the landlord is responsible for major fixes of above 200 AED and tenants are responsible for minor fixes of less than 200 AED.

Therefore, if the maintenance clause is not included in the tenancy contract, then the landlord must be responsible for all the maintenance. If any damage to the property, the tenant must fix or repair it before handing back the property to the landlord to avoid any deduction of the security deposit.

Maintaining comprehensive records is also beneficial, encompassing details such as your move-in date, repairs conducted during your tenancy, any personal expenditures, and post-move-out activities.

While there are some documents to be ready to keep proof in case of any dispute with your landlord.

  • Tenancy contract
  • Utility bills of property
  • Maintenance invoices
  • Rent invoices
  • Ejari Certificate
  • Property Inspection Certificate
  • Inventory List

Cleaning and Repairs of Walls

Ensuring that you patch up wall holes, repaint if there are any stains, and remove stickers if any, will help secure the return of your security deposit without any deductions in the procedure.

Repair and Replace Furniture

In the scenario of residing in a furnished apartment, it is imperative for the tenant to keep the furniture in a well-maintained and tidy state, promptly addressing any damages that may occur. But in case of having an unfurnished apartment, the tenant should remove all the furniture and accessories from the home otherwise the landlord will deduct the furniture removal cost from your deposit cheques. Furthermore, any unaddressed damages may also lead to deductions from your deposit.

Communication with Your Landlord

Whenever you want to leave the property and end up with the tenancy contract, you have to communicate with the landlord to return your deposit. According to the lease contract, the process may typically require approximately 30 days for the landlord to safely return your deposit, but it may vary, you should first read the clauses of the lease contract. Building a healthy and pleasing relationship with your landlord helps you receive a security deposit back from the landlord without any hurdle.

Pay Utility Bills

Before moving out, one should pay out all the FEWA, internet bills. Moreover, cut the electricity, water, and internet at that time to avoid the extra expenses at the time of moving. If you do not turn off all the connections at the right time, obviously landlord will deduct charges from your deposits.

Move-Out Final Inspection

To secure the complete repayment of your security deposit, it’s crucial to make a move-out inspection checklist alongside your landlord before leaving. Follow these important steps:

Arrange an Inspection Appointment: Arrange a suitable date and time for the inspection that works for both tenant and landlord.

Thorough Walkthrough: Accompany your landlord as you precisely go through each room in the property, inside and out.

Document Existing Issues: Identify and clearly indicate any pre-existing problems or damages that were present at the start of your tenancy, as well as any wear and tear that occurred naturally over time.

Visual Evidence: Use your camera or smartphone to capture visual evidence of the property’s condition. Take photos or videos of all areas, focusing on any areas of concern.

Signed Confirmation: Request your landlord’s signature on a document affirming their inspection of the property. This document should express their satisfaction with the property’s condition and specify the agreement regarding the return of your security deposit, including any deductions if applicable.

Maintain a Copy: Ensure you keep a copy of this signed document for your own records.

By adhering to these steps, you can help guarantee the return of your security deposit in its entirety, avoiding any potential disputes.

Deductions and Disputes

If you’ve diligently followed all the necessary steps for a smooth move-out process but find that your landlord has unfairly deducted charges from your security deposit, resulting in a dispute, there is a recourse available.

In such circumstances, tenants have the option to file a complaint against their landlord with the Ajman Rent Disputes Committee.

Bottom Line

Moving out is a right of any tenant, but with proper guidelines, the procedure of receiving the security deposit back from the landlord becomes dispute-free.

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