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Welcome to our blog, of villas for sale in Ajman direct from the owner, Ajman established a residency program of villas for foreigners and tourists in 2004. Compared to the neighboring emirates of Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi, Ajman offers a significantly lower cost of living, making villas in this emirate a highly affordable option, especially when purchasing directly from the owner, as it eliminates the need for hefty commissions.

Whether you’re a single professional or have a small family, apartments for sale in Ajman can be an excellent choice.

However, if you have a larger family or desire more space and privacy, villas for sale directly from owners in Ajman become the ideal solution. In this blog, we will try to find out the best areas for direct owners selling villas in Ajman, and other factors for your help in making a decision to buy property in Ajman.

Types of Villas in Ajman

If you come to buy a villa for sale in Ajman, there will be a variety of options tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Certainly, villas come up with different square feet of area to accommodate various lifestyles and family sizes.

For those seeking a cozy yet spacious living space, the 3-bedroom villas for sale in Ajman offer around 1,695 square feet of living area with 4 bathrooms.

If you require more room for your family or desire extra space for guests and activities, the 4-bedroom villas for sale provide a generous 3,300 square feet of living space with 4 bathrooms.

Likewise, for those in search of a grand and luxurious living experience, the 5-bedroom villas for sale offer an expansive 5,000 square feet of living area.

Likewise, those families who are seeking a grand space with a luxurious lifestyle require 5-bedroom villas for sale which come up with 5,000 square feet of spacious area. The preference is yours to choose accommodation. Ajman offers a variety of living choices for everyone, hence Ajman cares about everyone.

Villa type Area
3-bedroom 1,695 sq. ft.
4-bedroom 3,300 sq. ft.
5-bedroom 5,000 sq. ft.


Popular Areas for Villas for Sale in Ajman Direct from the Owner

There is an abundance of the best places to live in Ajman, here we will discuss popular areas for Ajman villas for sale by owner.

Al Rawda

Located near the border of Sharjah, the abundance of villas here makes it a popular location for villas for sale in Ajman. Moreover, Real Estate Market report of Ajman in 2019, Al Rawda has become the top spot for buying and renting villas. There is a range of 3-bedroom villas to 7-bedroom villas available for sale directly from the owner, and its price range starts from 1,010,000 AED to 1,927,000 AED.

 Al Zahra

The most popular residential area for buying villas in Ajman according to Bayut’s Ajman Year End Market Report 2019rsing to Bayut’s Ajman Year End Market Report 2019. Located near the Al Helio, and the other most popular locations of Ajman like Emirates City and Al Jurf Industrial Area. There is a range of 4-bedroom villas and 5-bedroom villas available in Al Zahya with average sale prices of 706,000 AED and 1.1M AED respectively.

Al Yasmeen

Al Yasmeen is only a villa community with a range of 3-bedroom villas to 6-bedroom villas. This community is located Ajman-Sharjah Border and is a close proximity to Sheikh Muhammad Bin Zayed Road. The 3-bedroom villas have a price range of 840,000 AED to 990,000 AED. The Price range of 4-bedroom villas is 850,000 AED and the average sale price of 5-bedroom villas is 1.07M AED.  These prices may vary according to market trends, you can buy it directly from the owner so the commission will be eliminated from agents and brokers, which leads to lower sale prices.

Al Helio

This a residential district of Ajman, with 3 sub-communities Al Helio 1, 2, and 3. This sought-after location has direct access to Al Hamriyah Road and Sheikh Maktoum Bin Rashid Street. Al Helio offers 3-bedroom villas to 6-bedroom villas with average sale prices ranging from 909K AED to 1,132,000 AED.

 Al Mowaihat

This is another one of the popular developing community villas for sale in Ajman, located near the Ajman-Sharjah Border towards the South of Ajman. It has 3 sub-communities from Al Mowaihat 1 to Al Mowaihat 3. Moreover, Al Mowaihat is a popular residential area for villas and freehold flats in Ajman, due to its luxurious interior and affordability. Al Mowaihat offers 3-bedroom villas to 10-bedroom villas for sale in Ajman and has an average price range of 1,052,000 AED to 1,575,000 AED.

Benefits of Buying Villa Direct from the Owner

Reduce Property Buying Cost

Save money and reduce the buying cost of any property is one of the biggest advantages of buying property in UAE directly from the owner. If you rely on a real estate agent or broker to find villas, they will charge a commission which leads to an increase in the buying property cost.

There are other expenses as well if you buy property, for instance, if you buy villas for sale in Ajman directly from the owner of the developer, you have to pay Ajman property registration fees. Moreover, those who have to buy a property through a mortgage have to pay an additional 0.25% of the total value of the mortgage as well as an additional admin fee.

This process is mandatory whether you buy property directly or involve any agent, however, if you rely on agents they will charge extra costs as their commission which leads to an increase in the buying cost of the property.

Bypassing Agents or No Middle Man

Most of the time you know your needs best, and you can buy your property faster directly from the owner by eliminating the brokers because sometimes the middleman becomes a blessing for you or sometimes just a waste of time. No agents mean no commissions, and no extra charges. Some renowned developers in Ajman offer to book your desired property online, and it eliminates the need for real estate agents.

Bottom Line

Ajman’s direct-from-owner villa market offers an attractive opportunity for those seeking cost-effective and customizable housing solutions in the UAE. With various villa sizes and popular areas to choose from, Ajman caters to a range of preferences. Buying directly from owners not only reduces costs but also streamlines the purchasing process by eliminating middlemen.

Villas for sale in Ajman direct from the owner ensure a more efficient and cost-effective property acquisition experience in this thriving emirate.

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